Sunday, May 1, 2011

People Tested Chairs

They went and built a new Civic Center and put the Senior Citizen Center in it. I sure wish they had people tested the chairs they bought for the place. The ones they bought have to be hardest chairs I’ve ever sat on. Well, I never was one for hanging out much at the Senior Citizen Center. And if I gotta to sit on those chairs I reckon I won’t be there very often.

It's no fun to think of myself as a senior citizen anyway. And as long as I stay away from mirrors and don't move too fast, I can forget I fall into that category.

Heard tell they found some Indian artifacts out at the Shady Creek development. Reckon that won't sit well with the board at Worthington's Bank since they invested in the development. It's going to be one of those mixed neighbors with some businesses, townhouses, garden homes and full size houses. Sounds like it'll be real nice, with sidewalks and all. That's one thing I never did understand. There's plenty of sidewalks in the older parts of town, but once they started putting in subdivisions, back in the 1960s, sidewalks went out the window. Here it is half a century later and someone in Tassanoxie finally realized sidewalks weren't such a bad idea after all.

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  1. Miss Mabel, you sound like someone I'd like to know. I like your style :-)