Sunday, June 26, 2011

Downtown festival, caterwauling music and going deaf

They have a real nice festival in downtown Tassanoxie every fall, but somebody decided they needed a little music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and sometimes I play it real loud, but not so loud it rattles my windows. And that’s the problem at the festival. They put a band at each end of the street and a noise war is declared. Their speaker systems don’t seem have anything but a loud volume setting.

Worse part is that the folks trying to sell their arts, crafts and food near about go deaf from listening to that racket all day. I swear my head was ringing when I left and I didn’t stay long. I went because my friend Merrybel had painted a mess of Christmas ornaments and I was being supportive of her attempts to bring in some extra cash. But the music was so loud, I bought an ornament and skidaddled on home. I didn’t want to lose my hearing.

The other day I told Merribel she should tell the president of the merchants association how the loud music interferes with the vendors being able to sell their stuff, but she’s so shy I doubt she’ll say a word. Come time for the fall festival, she’ll just sit there and go deaf. Now if it was me trying to sell something and I had to listen to that caterwauling all day, you can guarantee I’d be fussing at someone.

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