Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dumb ole driver's license photo!

I do declare, if it didn’t cost $23 a shot, I’d get that gal at the courthouse to take pictures of me until she got it right!

Ghastly, that’s all I can say–and what a way to spend your day–taking horrible photos of perfectly pleasant looking people.

I mean, I’m not a beauty queen, but my driver’s license photo makes me look like a gargoyle. There I am with my mouth frozen into what Arnold Schwarzenegger uses for a smile. Can you believe he fathered a child and no one knew about it? My, my, my. Those celebrities. Usually,the father’s the one in the dark. That’s what happened to Lane Walker (Ellie’s Song). There he was singing away, becoming a celebrity, and Ellie Kellson didn’t tell him about sweet little Ashlee.

Of course that doesn’t have a thing to do with my driver’s license photo. Which as you can probably guess is not flattering. If the government wasn’t looking for a terrorist behind every tree, I could have at least wore a hat. But now I’ve got to look at this horrible picture every time I open my wallet for the next three years.

Or, I can just turn that unflattering photo over. No sense ruining my day every time I look in my wallet.

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