Monday, July 25, 2011

Something For Nothing

You can't tell, but I had a little technical problem that kept me from blogging, but I'm back now and ready to go.

I was watching Dateline last night, their show about scammers who get lots of money from people who fall for their scams. The host was wanting me to feel sorry that some woman lost her life savings to scam artists. He claimed that these scam artist are so good they not only fool the uneducated, but they get educated folks like this lady to give away her money, too. Why, even doctors fall for their schemes.

Well, as far as I can tell greed doesn’t care whether you’re educated or not. And it’s greed that drives folks to try to get something for nothing. If people didn’t want something for nothing, those scammers would have no one to scam.

Lord a mercy, if I was to get an e-mail saying some distant relative died and left me $15 million, I’d fall over laughing. Whoever heard of such nonsense? Anybody with that much money is gonna have so many people and organizations lined up to inherit in case of an accident that it isn’t going to go to some unheard of relative who lives in a different country.

Common sense. Folks need a good dose of common sense. That and the willingness to delete e-mails that come from foreign countries promising something for nothing.

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