Sunday, August 7, 2011

Josh Johnson's Back in Town

I hear tell, Josh Johnson has come back to Tassanoxie and took the coaching job at the junior college. I remember he was quite the baseball sensation when he was in high school and was drafted by some professional team as soon as he graduated. We didn’t hear much about him after he left town. Sam says Josh played minor league baseball out West-when he played. Poor boy was injury prone.

I remember when Josh dated Merry Martinelli. Her parents still live behind us. My Jeb used to turn on all the flood lights when he let the dog out at night. You never heard such scrambling on the Martinelli’s porch as those two young’uns. Jeb liked to have laughed himself silly every weekend night.

Now that sweet Merry is an elementary school teacher. Seems like she was in elementary school not so long ago.

As for Josh, it’s good to have a nice young man like him back in town. Since he’s single, his being back should stir up some matchmaking mamas.

Oh my, the oven timer’s a buzzing. My casserole is done.

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  1. A matchmakin' mama like Ginger Hanson, perhaps... Thanks for all the "news you can use" from Tassanoxie, Ms. Mabel. You're a hoot!