Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet Mr. Tibbs

Sam fussed at me when he saw how long it'd been since I last blogged. Said I wasn't blogging like a person is supposed to. Seems to me, if he was following my blog, he could've sent me an email reminding me to blog! 'Course now that I pointed that out, he'll probably plague me with emails.

On to the reason I decided to blog today.

I thought I’d introduce you to my cat. His name is Mr. Tibbs. Not because I loved the movie, but because I like the name. He’s one of those orange and white cats they like to use for TV commercials. Probably because they show up good on the camera.

I asked Sam to come over and show me how to put Mr. Tibbs’ photo on the blog. He looks cute as pie (Mr. Tibbs, not Sam), but he can be a real handful when he wants. (Again, Mr. Tibbs, not Sam). Mr. Tibbs runs my dog Jocko ragged. And he’s about as big as Jocko since Jocko is a Westy and Mr. Tibbs is a big cat. Not fat, just big.

Now that I know how to add photos, maybe I can spruce up these here blogs.

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