Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Computer Reading Glasses

I got me a new set of reading glasses for the computer because Sam told me that would keep me from getting a crick in my neck. If I wear my bifocals when I look at the monitor, I have to tilt my head up to see it. After a while, my neck gets sore. With the reading glasses I can see the screen just fine.

The nice optician suggested I have them tinted yellow to reduce glare from the monitor screen. Which is how I ended up with a pair of yellow-tinted glasses.

Problem is, sometimes I forget to take them off when I get up from the computer. The other day I was running around the house thinking I was going blind or was a candidate for cataract surgery. All on account of leaving these computer glasses on!

When I wear them, everything more than two feet away is blurry and has a yellow tint. From what I've been told, people with cataracts need more light to see. So here I am, thinking I’m losing my sight while all along I had on the wrong glasses.

What a relief when I discovered what I’d done. I just hope I'll remember it for the next time I hop up from the computer and leave those glasses on instead of switching to my "seeing" glasses!

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