Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lock Up Your Tide!

I couldn’t believe the headline, “Tide Thieves Clean Up!” Apparently, detergent has become a hot commodity in theft rings. Bad enough they’re stealing copper from rural church air conditioners, now they’re after my favorite laundry detergent. What’s the world coming to when criminals start stealing detergent instead of jewelry?

It’s come to being expensive to live in, that’s what. Seems the high cost of cleaning products have made them a hot commodity. Never thought I’d live to see the day when people thought stealing Tide was a money maker.

Not that detergent is the only target. Everything from razor blades to infant formula is on their shopping list. And you can forget the  idea these people are selling their loot out of the trunk of a car or at a flea market. Oh no, these guys are up to snuff and then some. They’re using the Internet to “e-fence” their loot. And this ain’t no small potatoes stealing and unloading, we’re talking about as much as $30 billion in retail losses every year!

Makes my head swim. 

Obviously, this is not your neighborhood kleptomaniac. No reason to act surprised when I say organized crime has gotten involved. No surprise either when I ask "who pays for the $30 billion loss?" Why, good little shoppers like you and me who don’t steal. Folks who are already stretching their budgets to supersonic thin are getting caught in the middle.

As usual.

Here’s an idea: How about instead of the big cleaning companies paying all that money in losses, why don’t they lower prices? That way, customers won’t have to pay so much for cleaning products and the mob won’t be interested in stealing stuff that has no re-sale market.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

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