Friday, April 19, 2013

Skipping Spring

Alabama has never been a place where one gets tired of one’s winter wardrobe, mainly because our winters aren’t cold enough long enough. In fact, there have been some winters so warm I didn’t even get a chance to go through my limited sweater collection, much less wear each one until I tired of looking at it.
2012-13 was not one such winter. And if the retail stores hadn’t been so darn busy stocking the shelves with bathing suits and other such summer garb, I’d of bought myself a new sweater several weeks ago.
Of course, I knew I’d no more buy one than the temperature would shoot up to 80º and there I’d be with an unworn, new sweater. Darn if Mother Nature didn’t fool me. The third week of March, she hit us with a freeze. Even broke records for the area. Had all the early bird gardeners rushing to cover newly planted baby flowers and vegetables since our last frost date is supposed to be March 15th. Good thing I’m not a gardener, I had no baby plants to cover. 
And I probably would have forgotten to uncover them when it started getting warm a few days later. Warm, then hot enough I figured we were going to skip spring and slide straight to summer. 
A long, hot, triple digit summer. 
Then wham! Mother Nature sent a cold front and Alabama went from hot to cold (for us) in a matter of hours, sliding from the morning 70s into the afternoon 50s. 
Good thing I haven’t packed up all my winter sweaters yet......

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