Saturday, November 9, 2013

Losing Live Entertainment

Way back when, a group of people got together and set up an arts alliance for Tassanoxie. The idea being as how we were living in the back woods of rural Alabama, it would be good for us to have occasional doses of high class entertainment.

Thus, the Tassanoxie Arts Alliance was born and it has brought some great events to our little neck of the woods for the past 30+ years. Events that I covered religiously when I worked at the Tassanoxie Sentinel. It gave me the illusion of working for a big city newspaper as I reviewed the various performances. Since Tassanoxie is a small town and I wanted the TAA to succeed, my reviews tended to lean to the positive side. I wanted the readers who hadn’t been there to believe they had missed out on a rip roaring good time.

Generally speaking, they had. 

All these years later, the TAA is still bringing enjoyable, live entertainment to our little neck of the woods. The other night was no exception and Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed the musical production. We took seats high in the back of the new high school performing arts center, but as I looked out over the audience, one fact hit me upside the head: the TAA audience had aged with the arts alliance. We didn’t used to be in the Medicare set, but from the canes, walkers, and wheelchairs I saw, we’d arrived there.

There weren’t many young whippersnappers in that sea of gray and I’m not sure this bodes well for the future of TAA. The make-up of the audience had me wondering if live entertainment (not of the screaming band concert type) held any interest for the younger set. Has it been completely replaced by the ease of electronic devices to entertain?

I hope not or else all those talented, energetic performers won’t have anywhere to showcase their talents. And there won’t be a next generation of performers. What a sad thought.

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