Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s Syndrome Strikes Again

I don’t know about you, but 2013 went well for me. I managed to keep my one measly resolution and blogged more faithfully. While I didn’t break any blogging records, I did manage to add ten more entries and had another 700 visitors. Sure wish I knew who you folks were. Since no one ever leaves a comment, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s those dang spider bot thingys running around indexing the Internet. 

I’m not a computer whiz but I’ve heard tell these little guys visit web pages to gather info for the browsers. Since Blogger counts visits, does it count spider bot visitors as real folks? 

Being the optimist that I am, I like to think real folks are stopping by to read my blogs and having a little chuckle when they do. 

Since I kept this year’s resolution, I guess I’ll have to come up with another one for 2014. 
Shooting for 12 monthly entries seems a good choice. 

Which means I’ll have to figure out how to deal with the end-of-year holidays. As you may have noticed, I did the same ole thing last year as I did in 2012 and didn’t blog in November and December. It’s the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year syndrome. Those weeks passed in a blur of shopping, wrapping presents, doing Christmas cards, cleaning, cooking, setting up decorations and then of course, undoing everything and cleaning, again. 

Maybe I need to pre-plan a tad better. You know, write November and December blog entries in like, oh, August. I’ve heard tell you can set up Blogger to publish stuff when you want. Hmm, a little research will be needed, but now I have my revised resolution. 

I resolve to blog each month of  2014 AND to learn how to pop the entries in as needed. 

This New Year’s resolution stuff isn’t so bad. Just keep your resolutions short, sweet, and doable!

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