Friday, June 13, 2014

A Dash of Ginger Goes Live

Cover of A Dash of Ginger

My creator, Ginger Hanson, has gone into Indie publishing (she discusses the process in more depth over at Just Ginger). She’s got herself a micropublishing house, Saderra Publishing, and she’s publishing her stories.

The first release is called A Dash of Ginger, Sassy Southern Essays. It hit Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kobo this week. In this collection of humorous essays, Ginger tackles subjects as varied as weight lifting, hair dye, plastic surgery, parenting, chocolate, shopping, and dogs. You’ll get a kick out of these essays wherever you live, but they do have a touch of small town living.

Truth is, if you're here because you like Miss Mabel, then you’ll like these essays. After all, they were all written by the same person.

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