Monday, January 19, 2015

Weather Channel Addict

Used to be, not so long ago, folks looked up at the sky and said stuff like, “There’s a storm’s a coming, I can feel it in my bones.” And while that way of forecasting isn’t something to be sneezed at since barometric pressure plays a big hand in weather changes and human body aches, I’m still more inclined to check the weather channel to see if a storm’s a coming.

You see, I’m a weather channel addict. I have been ever since it first appeared on cable TV oh so many years ago. I can remember when nobody thought a channel devoted to the weather was a good idea. Except me. And whoever thought of it. And I’m mighty glad that person didn’t listen to those naysayers. 

I check the weather first thing every morning and last thing every night. I use the forecast to decide what to wear when I go out. A coat because it’s going to be cold or a windbreaker because it’s going to be windy. 

Since I’m retired, the weather tells me whether I should jump out of bed to walk Jocko or sleep a little later because it’s raining. And if really cold weather is predicted, I check the pantry to see if I need to run to the store and stock up on his dog food before it hits. And since Tassanoxie put in those tornado sirens a few years ago, I even know when to grab Jocko and Mr. Tibbes and run to my closet. 

Of course, nowadays folks expect complete, 100% accuracy from meteorologists. After all, those guys have had plenty of time to get this forecasting stuff down pat. Alas, that‘s not the case. Many times dear old Mother Nature refuses to play by their predictions and messes up everybody’s plans.

Which might be why a neighbor of mine got herself a weather station planted in her back yard. I had no idea you could get weather services do that so I’m a little bit jealous. I mean now she can go online and check the weather in her own backyard. 

Of course, I can check the weather in my backyard, too, but I have to open the back door and step out. If I wanna see if the wind’s blowing, I have to lick my finger and hold it up and guesstimate the direction and speed. On the plus side, predicting storms at my age is easy because my achy joints warn me. 

Hmmmm, maybe I don’t need a weather station cluttering up my backyard after all.

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