Wednesday, February 15, 2017

City Council Meetings To Be Taped

 “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Yep, I guess we’ll be hearing that at the city council meetings from now on. The mayor and city council are putting their meetings on video so they can be available online. Makes me wonder if the taxpayers will soon be paying for a makeup artist, director, and cameraman.

I guess they decided against live streaming. It’s impossible to edit live streaming, you just get whatever and whoever pops up. Which might detract from the image of how nice it is to live in Tassanoxie. I know a few folks in town I wouldn’t want to see popping up at a town council meeting.

Plus, we had us a contentious election last summer. Sorry I didn’t keep you up to date on it. The mayor managed to hang onto his job, but three forever councilmen got the boot. We even got a woman in the new mix. Which makes me wonder, do we call them council people now? 

The newbies won on “transparency” in city government and it’s been an interesting several months as the new guys rein in the mayor. Howard’s not used to anyone else calling the shots since the former council pretty much rubber stamped anything he suggested.

Not saying our mayor isn’t a nice guy who tries to do what’s best for Tassanoxie, but nobody needs to have unfettered power. Any leader who thinks “my way or the highway” isn’t much needed in a democracy.

Some folks don’t like these newbies questioning  everything, but hey, it’s good to ask questions. Good to shake things up. I think Tassanoxie needed some new blood on the city council. And so far, their questions and suggested solutions have been a plus. Instead of the city doing business as usual, it’s now doing business in a smarter way. 

Back to the video taping. While it adds another whole layer of interest, it puts a load on my shoulders. Now I’ll have to get gussied up to go to the meetings in case I’m caught on camera. Clothes. Hair. Shoes. 

I don’t want to look like I crawled out from under the turnip truck. I want to project “concerned and intelligent citizen” to anyone watching the video. 

I wonder if I can pull that off. Maybe I’ll just wear one of my vintage hats with a veil. That should keep the camera off me. Or maybe not. 

“Mysterious woman attends town council meetings…”

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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