Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cotton Picking for Real Snow in Alabama

Seems I got tied up with doing other things since last summer and neglected to keep everyone entertained with my blogs. Since you keep showing up to read them, I'll try and do better writing them in 2018!

Several years ago I wrote a blog about how we don’t get much snow down here in LA (lower Alabama). In fact, most years near about as close as we get to anything resembling snow is during the fall cotton harvest.

Which based on recent activities down here in Tassanoxie, it’s a good thing we don’t get snow often. You know what happens hereabouts when it gets cold and we get snowy sleet and way below freezing temperatures? 

Well, first of all, everything closes–schools, businesses, events, city operations except for emergency personnel. Who are going to be greatly needed based on all the idjits that think the advice not to drive isn’t meant for them.

Second, some idjits get in their vehicles and off they go.

Right into an accident as they skid all over the roads and cause massive pile ups. Especially on roads that cross bridges due to that thing called black ice, which it appears Alabama drivers do not recognize as being a problem. Until their car slides around backassward to where they were going. 

The real kicker comes when the next round of idjits get mad at the state and local police officers because the road has been closed to more traffic. As if the emergency folks don't need time to sort through the mess made by the first round of idjit drivers. All those cars that skidded every which a way need to be untangled and the cars and people moved out of there.

But noooooo, the idjits are mad because now they don’t get a chance to skid off a bridge. I know. I know. Bubba has 4 wheel drive and can just drive around any pile ups. Yeah, right off the bridge into the river because that’s where most of the accidents occurred. Surprise! Black ice forms on bridges.

And let’s take a looksee at who is out there skidding off a bridge. What’s so important these guys have to be out and about. Oh, yeah. They can’t miss that volunteer meeting that some other idjit insists is happening. 

All I know for sure is that Alabamians are a lot safer when it’s only cotton lining the sides of the road than when it’s real snow.

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