Saturday, February 19, 2022

Killing Folks With Disinformation

Who would have ever thought an American political party would use biological warfare to kill off its own citizens?

Yep. I’m talking about the Republican leaders.

Biological warfare? Tish tosh. Don’t be silly. Those Republican politicians and pundits are just telling it like it is. That we have a right not to wear a mask. That all those infectious disease doctors don’t know a thing. This virus is just like the flu.

Well, let’s look at the definition of biological warfare: It uses microorganisms as weapons.

And what are microorganisms? Hmmmmm, microscopic viruses, fungi, or bacteria.

The key word here being microscopic–tiny, little, bitty organisms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Which is why they went undiscovered until the microscope was invented in the 1600s.

You may think calling it biological warfare is extreme, but what other label fits the politicians and pundits who advocate letting a killer virus rampage through the country? The USA is approaching 1,000,000 deaths from this benign-isn’t-a-threat-don’t-bother-to-wear-a mask-or-get-a-vaccine virus.

Twenty-four months ago we hadn’t even heard of COVID19. Now a million citizens are dead from it.

This number includes 1,000 children under the age of 17. Let’s not forget the children who survive a COVID19 infection only to suffer multi-system inflammatory syndrome. Thus, the disinformation campaign is killing or seriously hurting kids, too.

And can anything be done to prevent this virus from ravaging our country? Just simple steps like: get vaccinated, wash your hands, and wear a mask. How hard is that?  

Way hard apparently.

Rather than get a free vaccine, wash hands, or wear a mask, folks would prefer to pretend the virus doesn’t exist and resume a “normal” life. Where normal means a preventable virus can at any time end one’s life.

Then again, viruses have been around since humans showed up on earth and the human race survived, right? Of course, the knowledge of how to prevent the viruses didn’t exist until modern times. No, back in the good old days when there were no vaccines, folks just got sick and either got well or died.

I guess that’s how the Republican party sees our future. We’ll co-exist with COVID. A percentage of people will die, others will have debilitating lifelong effects, others will recover.

Just like the flu.

Except the COVID death toll leaves the flu death toll in the dust. If COVID were no worse than the flu, 72,000 deaths would have occurred in two years, not nearly a million. It would take about 25 years of flu deaths to equal two years of COVID deaths.

Not just like the flu.

From a political party standpoint, one has to wonder why the Republicans have chosen the path of disinformation. A path that ends up killing more of their supporters than anyone else because these folks are more likely not to take any steps to curtail the spread of this benign-isn’t-a-threat-don’t-bother-to-wear-a mask-or-get-a-vaccine virus.

Why won’t they take these steps? Because politicians and pundits they know and trust have repeatedly told them not to worry.

Statistically, more people who vote for Republican office holders have NOT gotten a COVID vaccine, while most people who vote for Democratic office holders have gotten the vaccine.

Sooooo, these political leaders and pundits are killing off their own party? And their party’s children? I wonder which political party will survive a virus that doesn’t care who you vote for.

Perhaps the Republican should adopt this motto: Don’t let COVID change your lifestyle, let COVID end it. 

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