Monday, February 21, 2011

Sad Day in Tassanoxie

It’s a sad day in Tassanoxie when the police have to guard the city council meetings. Not that I blame them after all the goings-on around here. Imagine somebody shooting up a school board meeting!

Bessie Mae (she’s my best friend from when we were in elementary school together) wants me to stop going to the city council meetings, but I done told her that dog won’t wash. I’m not letting the idea of some crazy ole coot maybe coming into the meeting with a gun. I may as well stay home and put bars on all the doors and windows.

Anyway, Chief Moore always comes to the meetings, but now he’s gonna have some more officers there. Course, that might make some criminal types think they can have a free hand every first and third Tuesday nights while the police are busy at city hall.

As for me, I’ve been going to city hall meetings twice a month every since Jeb passed on. Would have gone a lot sooner, would have run for office myself, but back when I was younger folks would have laughed had I a run. Too bad I didn’t have as much moxie then as I have now. Nothing like age to give a body regrets.

I’m not gonna dwell on the should’ves, I’m just gonna keep going to the city council meetings. Those good ole boys (there still ain’t a woman on the board) need someone to give ‘em the evil eye when they make a dumb decision.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sam says my blog needs a photo of me. I swear, what makes him think folks would want to look at an old wrinkled up lady like me? He told me to search the Internet for something called an avatar that I could put up there instead of a photo of myself.

I did what he said. Lands alive, my eyes about popped out of my head! Course, I could have fooled everyone and put one of those warrior women on my blog, but I decided not to scare all my friends away. I found a nice flower and had Sam put that on the blog.

He’ll do just about anything for a plate of my brownies and I sure didn’t want to spend another afternoon trying to figure out how to get that avatar thingy off the Internet into the blog. And it was nice to have some company this afternoon.