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New Year, Old Resolution

If I don’t hurry up and post something to this here blog, the new year will be an old year. It sure doesn’t seem like October was the last time I added something, but Google doesn’t lie and the date of my last entry is emblazoned on the last blog.  Therefore, it’s been weeks.  Weeks that just flew by, what with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all crammed up together like they are. Seems to me, Thanksgiving could be moved back a little, to give a body breathing space. I mean, it’s not like Congress hasn’t messed around with all the other holidays we celebrate. Good heavens, Columbus Day was celebrated on the 8th of October last year and my calendar didn’t even acknowledge the real Columbus Day on Friday, October 12th!  According to the U.S. Congress, Christopher Columbus was a wishy-washy explorer who couldn’t make up his mind what day to land. And by making Columbus Day a federal holiday and switching the date around, Congress flat takes all the joy out of be