Monday, November 18, 2019

How Do You Lose 77 Million Dollars? And Not Notice…

So I’m reading an article about this athlete who is suing his accountant who was in cahoots with his wealth manager and together they stole 77 million dollars from this dude.

I’m sure there is some Nigerian prince just grinding his teeth because he didn’t think to call this guy and bilk some money out of him. Obviously, it wouldn’t have been that hard.

Okay, back to my thoughts on losing this much money.

Does this guy expect us normal folks to feel sorry for him? And no, I'm not going to feel one measly drop of sympathy. It's sort of hard for someone who never earned huge amounts of money to feel sorry for someone who has so much money they lost $77 million and didn’t notice. Mainly because I’d miss $77.00 out of my bank account if it went missing.

Obviously, he has too much money or else he would pay better attention to it.

Yes, I think you can have too much money. I believe if you’re getting paid so much money you can't keep up with it, you’re being overpaid.

I've always believed if you have more money that you can spend in this lifetime, why bother? Leaving it to ungrateful kids is not a good reason, especially if you went from working class to high class in your life time. That means your kids did not. Thus, they don't have any appreciation for the money you keep giving them.

What’s worse, to me at any rate, is that the people in our society who get paid astronomical amounts of money don’t really do much to help our society. I’m sure they would point out how much money they spend for yachts, diamonds, cars, etc. and swear this helps to keep our economy afloat which benefits everyone.


Face it, the people who really count in this society. like teachers, police officers, and nurses get low pay, long hours, and less respect. Yet, they are the ones shaping the lives of our future generations, keeping us safe, and caring for us when we aren’t well.

Truth is, having so much money you don’t even know when folks steal millions from you makes me think of the spiritual lesson that encourages moderation in life. Enough food not to go hungry is good, because too much food leads to gluttony, obesity, and all kinds of health problems. Enough clothes to stay warm, but not so many there aren’t enough days in the year to wear them. Enough house to keep you warm and safe, but is it necessary for it to be so large you need a map to find your way around? Just wondering.

Now some folks are going to read this and think I’m advocating socialism. What I’m advocating is a reality check on our value system. If there’s that much money floating around, why doesn’t it end up in more pockets? Why aren’t worker bees who keep the economy and our lives running get paid better? There are lots of people who would hold on tighter to their money than the guy who lost $77 million. Plus, they would immediately notice if any of it went missing.