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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Miss Mabel thought you might enjoy this Christmas essay from Ginger Hanson's ebook A Dash of Ginger . Happy Holidays! We passed a neighbor's house the other day and I noticed they had bought a Christmas tree. Bundled in travel mode and tied with twine, it leaned against the fence near the garage door. Several hours later, we returned from running our errands. By then it was dark, but standing in an uncurtained front window of our neighbor’s house was their Christmas tree, its lights twinkling cheer into the night.  I was shocked. A Christmas tree purchased and decorated within hours! I had always assumed everyone made a production out of buying a Christmas tree.  Obviously, I was wrong.  Obviously, only my husband does.  Bob insists on buying just the right Christmas tree. Actually, buying the tree doesn’t take very long. It’s the pre-purchase and post-purchase guidelines that must be followed that eat up the time.  First, the tree must b