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Imitation Kennel Clubs: Where A Terrier Can Be A Pug

My cousin works with an animal rescue group in Mississippi that offer free rabies vaccination clinics for pet owners. One day my cousin was filling out the paperwork on a dog who’d just got her shot. Being as she’s a polite Southerner, she asked the woman what breed her dog was. Anyway, proud as punch this woman announces, “She’s a pug.”   Now my cousin has been a volunteer with animal rescue for many years. She’s seen a lot of dogs. This dog was not a pug. So she tells the owner, “No, she’s not a pug, she’s some kind of terrier.”        “I have her papers and she’s pug! So you just write that down there on her certificate.” My cousin got a little starchy at that. “Ma’am, your dog is a not a pug and this is an official government document, I can’t write down that’s she’s a pug when she 's not.” The very upset woman took what she considered to be an incorrect certificate and stomped out the door. A local vet called my cousin several hours later. Seems the “pu