Sunday, October 30, 2011

Miss Mabel's Evolution!

Don't miss the chance to learn about me! Starting tomorrow morning (Monday, October 31st), Ginger Hanson will be blogging at Long and Short Reviews all week. She'll share some insights about the Tassanoxie stories and characters to include one titled "The Evolution of Miss Mabel." You won't want to miss it! I know I'm anxious to read about myself.

Be sure and click on the link below and go over and get some behind the scenes info about your favorite small Southern town! See ya there....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet Mr. Tibbs

Sam fussed at me when he saw how long it'd been since I last blogged. Said I wasn't blogging like a person is supposed to. Seems to me, if he was following my blog, he could've sent me an email reminding me to blog! 'Course now that I pointed that out, he'll probably plague me with emails.

On to the reason I decided to blog today.

I thought I’d introduce you to my cat. His name is Mr. Tibbs. Not because I loved the movie, but because I like the name. He’s one of those orange and white cats they like to use for TV commercials. Probably because they show up good on the camera.

I asked Sam to come over and show me how to put Mr. Tibbs’ photo on the blog. He looks cute as pie (Mr. Tibbs, not Sam), but he can be a real handful when he wants. (Again, Mr. Tibbs, not Sam). Mr. Tibbs runs my dog Jocko ragged. And he’s about as big as Jocko since Jocko is a Westy and Mr. Tibbs is a big cat. Not fat, just big.

Now that I know how to add photos, maybe I can spruce up these here blogs.