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5 Random Thoughts for the New Year

Once again, it’s the beginning of a new year, a cold beginning here in Tassanoxie after quite a wet ending. Which leads me to my first random thought in a blog of random thoughts that have hit me as I mosey through life.     What about Water Pipelines? With all the rain the southeastern USA has been getting during the past few years and the extensive drought suffered in the western states, I’ve been thinking that this oil pipeline idea should be shelved for a pipeline that moves water from the wet side to the dry side of the continent. Truth is, you can’t drink oil and you can’t grow anything in oil. Face it, humans lived millions of years without oil, but without water, our bodies dry out, shut down, and die. Seems to me it’s about time we put on our thinking caps and figured out a way to move water. Wealth Management Advisor I haven’t the faintest idea how long this job description has been around but it finally caught my eye. I like the way it assumes a regular