Monday, February 27, 2012

Technology Can't Replace Real Folks

I know I’m old-fashioned on account of the fact I’m old and prefer the way some things were done in the past over how they’re done now. For us old-fashioned types, it sometimes feels like the world is spinning out of control with all these new-fangled technological devices. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. It has changed to world in many ways for the better. I like knowing the doctor can use ultrasound to check out my innards before she traipses in there with a scalpel.

Now I’ll be the first to admit my computer skills aren’t as good as a kid who learned about computers in the womb, but I’m not a complete computer illiterate. I love to bank and shop online and it’s great not to have to run down to the library to research every little thing.

But one thing worries me about technology and especially everyone using cell phones. It seems to me, right-beside-you family and friends should rate more attention than folks who call you on the phone.

In the days of tethered phones, getting a phone call meant going into one room, sitting down and talking. If you had company, you excused yourself for a few minutes to talk to the caller. And of course, it was just common courtesy to keep the call short when you had company, because your guest had taken the time to come and visit in person. Nowadays, with cell phones or bluetooth thingys stuck to everyone’s ear, it seems whoever calls takes precedence while the person with the callee gets ignored.

For gracious sake, what happened to good manners? Why is the person with you less important than the caller? And that’s the signal a person sends when they’d rather talk to someone who called them than talk to the right-beside-them person.

Maybe I’m wrong. After all, many youngsters would label me an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy. But if they’re with me when they label me, at least they’ll know I’m listening, because I won’t be chatting on the phone with someone else.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Can Still Read 'Em

Ginger's blog tour is over, but these dang blogs stay in cyberspace forever, so you can always go visit the blogs below and check out what she wrote.

This whole idea of web pages never going away is something folks need to keep in mind when they write stuff. I wasn't a believer until Sam showed me an old web page from the Dark Ages of the Internet (which is last year in the computer world).

Okay, the page was about 15 years old, but there it was, like a guilty conscience, hanging out in cyberspace for all eternity. That's downright scary. And with all the information being pumped into the Internet, one has to wonder if it will eventually implode from the overload?

Interesting concept...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ginger Hanson's Virtual Book Blog Tour

I'm helping Ginger Hanson get the word out this week. She's doing a virtual book blog tour this week: February 13th- 17th, 2012.

Stop by, post a comment and get the chance to win a $10.00 B & N gift card and a print copy of either her CW historical romance, Ransom’s Bride or the anthology, How I Wrote My First Book: The Story Behind the Story which includes a great story about writing a historical novel, “Ten Lessons I Learned from Writing Quest for Vengeance"-

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