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Downtown festival, caterwauling music and going deaf

They have a real nice festival in downtown Tassanoxie every fall, but somebody decided they needed a little music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and sometimes I play it real loud, but not so loud it rattles my windows. And that’s the problem at the festival. They put a band at each end of the street and a noise war is declared. Their speaker systems don’t seem have anything but a loud volume setting. Worse part is that the folks trying to sell their arts, crafts and food near about go deaf from listening to that racket all day. I swear my head was ringing when I left and I didn’t stay long. I went because my friend Merrybel had painted a mess of Christmas ornaments and I was being supportive of her attempts to bring in some extra cash. But the music was so loud, I bought an ornament and skidaddled on home. I didn’t want to lose my hearing. The other day I told Merribel she should tell the president of the merchants association how the loud music interferes with the vendors being

Dumb ole driver's license photo!

I do declare, if it didn’t cost $23 a shot, I’d get that gal at the courthouse to take pictures of me until she got it right! Ghastly, that’s all I can say–and what a way to spend your day–taking horrible photos of perfectly pleasant looking people. I mean, I’m not a beauty queen, but my driver’s license photo makes me look like a gargoyle. There I am with my mouth frozen into what Arnold Schwarzenegger uses for a smile. Can you believe he fathered a child and no one knew about it? My, my, my. Those celebrities. Usually,the father’s the one in the dark. That’s what happened to Lane Walker ( Ellie’s Song ). There he was singing away, becoming a celebrity, and Ellie Kellson didn’t tell him about sweet little Ashlee. Of course that doesn’t have a thing to do with my driver’s license photo. Which as you can probably guess is not flattering. If the government wasn’t looking for a terrorist behind every tree, I could have at least wore a hat. But now I’ve got to look at this horrible p

All About the Folks in Tassanoxie

If you want to learn about folks who live in Tassanoxie, read one of the books Ginger Hanson has written about us. She’s one matchmaking little rascal, always putting couples together, pulling them apart and then letting them create their own happy ever after. Since she invented the town and all the folks (including me), I thought I'd just let you know there are stories out there about us that you might enjoy reading. I've even added the pretty book covers for Ginger's books. Two Tassanoxie books are in print and ebook, but she's discovered the wonderful world of ebooks. Now she is writing shorter ebook only stories. There's already one in the queue for the holidays. If you like historical romance, she's got a couple of those published, too!

Replacement Body Parts

It seems like lots of folks are getting some body part or another replaced these days. Hips, knees, shoulder joints, you name it, it’s getting replaced. Here’s the kicker, we’re not talking particularly old folks, well people in their 50s don’t seem old to me. And that’s who is having this type of surgery. According to a newspaper article I read, it used to be replacement parts like this were put into people at the end of their life, not halfway through it (yep, 50 is the new middle age, what with 100+ being a popular end point!) With so many people exercising, the wear and tear on the body takes a toll earlier which means new replacement body parts. No one knows for sure how many times you can replace a knee, but I’m sure those orthopedic surgeons will be happy to try and find out. Too bad some folks can’t have their heads replaced. I know plenty of people in Tassanoxie who could do with a new head, preferably with some extra brains and while they're at it, a new personality.