Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tippy Toe High Heels A Podiatrist’s Delight

I’m gonna to start with a disclaimer right off the bat–my feet have never worn a shoe that had a heel over 2” high. I was lucky enough to marry a man about my height and strutting around 4-6” taller than him seemed downright rude. Plus, I’m afraid of heights. Being that far off the ground gives me vertigo.

I started working as a newspaper reporter while in college and running hither, thither, and yon getting interviews is not something to be done in high high heels. Most of my reporter days were at the Tassanoxie Sentinel and those days were too dang long and too dang busy to spend them teetering around in high high heels.

Now that I’ve established I’m not an expert in wearing high high heels, I’m gonna go right ahead and have an opinion about them. Sure, it’s based on observation, not experience, but who hasn’t watched a woman teeter past in a pair of high high heels? I’m sure all the men are thinking, whoa, what a hottie! while I’m thinking, is she nuts?

Moment of truth, here. I don’t really see that many women in skyscraper heels in my neck of the woods because Tassanoxie isn’t exactly the fashion hub of the USA. No, I’m much more likely to see women in sweatpants and running shoes than women in swirly short skirts and high high heels. 

But I do see them sometimes. There are those who live here who like to keep up with the latest fashions.

Silly as those fashions may be.

High high heels are not only silly, they’re a downright health hazard. First of all, there’s the whole issue of landing from a great height when you fall. Then there’s the broken ankles, the nerve damage, the inflammation and swelling, and fact that your calf muscles may permanently contract so your leg plum forgets how to stretch out straight.

Many of us are already hardwired by genetics to develop weird foot problems as we age. Why ensure even more foot, knee, and hip problems by wearing high high heels? I know, I know. When you’re young and foolish the last thing on your mind is worrying that your shoes are encouraging osteoarthritis to develop in your knee or toe joints. Looking sexy is much more important.

There are folks who are happy to see women teeter around in high high heels. The folks that design them. The folks that make them. And of course, all the podiatrists are in seventh heaven. If you’ve never heard of that speciality, podiatrists are foot doctors. With all these women wearing ridiculously high heels, they must see a longterm gold mine.

I flat cannot figure out the allure of these shoes? Think about it. You can’t run away from an attacker if you’re wearing them. You can hardly walk up and down stairs without problems. One tiny miscalculation and you’ve fallen from a great height onto your butt and probably broke something. And for some reason there are women who think carrying a newborn infant while in these shoes is wise.

Give me a good pair of running shoes anytime. 

One last thought. I can guarantee you the guy who designed the shoes will never ever wear them, not even on the walk to the bank to cash in all the money he’s made off them.