Friday, October 4, 2013

Fake Diplomas Are Only a Click Away

I got an email the other day that offered me any ole college degree I wanted from a bachelor’s degree to a PHD. All I had to do was contact this guy and follow his advice. He promised I wouldn’t have to pass any exams to receive the diploma which would lead to a job. I’m sure what he didn’t mention was how much someone would have to pay him for this. 

I don’t need another diploma, but for someone in the market, this sure looks like an easy-peasy way to get one. And I know there’s probably people out there who’d jump at the chance, because why else would someone bother to send the email?

An email chock full of typographical errors. If this is an example of the wording on the crisp, newly minted diploma, I’m not so sure it’d get anyone a job. I mean, if you’re going to offer folks a college degree, shouldn’t you send out scholarly emails? You know, ones with correct spelling and punctuation?

And you shouldn’t you know the correct way to abbreviate a degree offering? What exactly is a PHD? PHony Diploma? It sure as heck isn’t the abbreviation for a doctorate. That would be PhD or Ph.D. 

The whole idea of online diploma led me to the Internet where I found a slew of websites offering “novelty diplomas.” Interestingly, I didn’t put the words “novelty diplomas” into the search engine. No, siree, I searched for “fake online diplomas.”

I gotta admit, it was a little disconcerting to have the University of Phoenix show up as the second choice. This is probably an example of paying off a search company. See, I’m guessing U of A paid big bucks to go to the top of the list when someone puts in the keywords “online diplomas.” I bet they didn’t realize their name would pop up if the word “fake” was in there, too.

They weren’t the only real school that was listed and I had to go half way down the page to find a real fake diploma website. While some of the sites have the word “novelty” in their description, not all do. When I delved deeper, I found sites who offered realistic looking college diplomas AND matching realistic transcripts. 

As one website said, getting a fake college diplomas has never been easier. 

With all this detail devoted to making up fake credentials, I got a little worried about the promise of using these to get a job. It’s a little worrisome. I mean, would you like to find out your doctor had bought his medical diploma online? Let’s hope the hiring folks have the common sense to really check the educational background of job applicants. And I hope they don’t rely on the Internet to do it.