Friday, March 25, 2011

Elocution Lessons

There was that time when I thought I’d take elocution lessons and get rid of my Southern accent. On account of my desire to be on national television as an investigative reporter. My goal got sidetracked when I came home one Christmas vacation a long time ago and reconnected with my high school beau, Jeb Tuckingham. He’d been off doing his thing in Army while I was getting my journalism degree.

Well, Jeb swept me off my feet and sweet talked me into marrying him. He had no plans to leave Tassanoxie so I never did get to be on national television. Instead, I got a job at the Tassanoxie Sentinel where I covered everything from weddings to murder trials. You sure get to know the folks in the town when you write about them for 30 years.

I guess it was a good thing I never took those elocution lessons because folks around here would've clammed up if I didn't talk like them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tai Chi Class

LuAnna insisted I go to a Tai Chi class with her last week. Can’t say that I’m any good at it, but the I sure do like the people taking the class. Friendliest bunch of folks I’ve met in a long time. Course I know several of them. When you’ve lived in the same town for near about 70 years, if you’re not related to most of its citizens, you’re connected through–church, school, clubs. ‘Course, with LuAnna introducing me to anyone I didn’t know, my head swam as much from meeting new people as learning how to grasp some ole bird’s tail.

LuAnna’s been doing this here exercise for about two years and she swears her balance has got so good she can stand on one foot while she puts her bedroom shoes on. She used to just about fall over if she tried a trick like that. I’m not interested in standing around on one foot, but my balance has gotten a little iffy. Living alone like I do makes me worry I’ll lean over too far one day and just keep going, splat on the floor. Probably break a durn hip and end up in the old folks home.